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25th Dec 2013, 05:25
I was kind of just wondering why the original version of the game was removed from steam when the directors cut was added? I mean now unless you find some orphaned boxed copy of the pc version (which they didn't make very many of) somewhere with a working cd key it's now almost impossible to legally buy the original pc version. I just don't understand the logic behind completely removing it for purchase from steam. Lots of other games have there original and collectors/directors cut editions sold right next to each other so it's not some steam policy doing it, it's obviously an order from Square or Eidos. Aren't they kind of just creating an underground pirate market for the original version? Which if the paches and fixes for the problems a lot of people are having with the directors cut don't come will just grow ever and ever larger.

Plus it's just mildly annoying having not one but two games in your steam library that literally link to 404 pages

6th Jan 2014, 02:30
You can go to other outlets to get the original version. Ebay, cd key places that are legal, etc.

6th Jan 2014, 19:49
It's indeed far from impossible. You just have to know it ofc.


Legal. Steam version. Lowest price: €5.41

8th Jan 2014, 15:44
I was thinking that this would be a great opportunity for them to release the original (and the best) version of the game on GOG.com; GOG is currently on a mission to expand their business and they also have the two previous DE titles in their store, so it would be a good thing for EM to add DE:HR to GOG; DRM Free and everything..