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18th Jun 2014, 23:49
You know, everyone who plays video games has it's favorite, it's ideal. Some people like beautiful and realistic graphic, some - very interesting gameplay. I'm 18, and I played thousands of video games, but I'll never forget my first launch of Parasite Eve... It was cold February, 2005. I wanted to buy resident evil 3 on my PS, but it wasn't in store. Then seller advised me the game with two faces on the box art - he said it's as scaring as resident evil. I bought it with feelings that I just lost my money. I came home and launched it. The first thing that impressed me was CURIOUS intro. By the way, primal eyes is still the best music I've ever heard. Then, this disgusting video with mice - I really was scared. Sewers, museum, park - I DON'T REMEMBER HOW MUCH TIME I PLAYED THAT EVENING. But my pity English knowledge let me just fight with monsters. 2 years later, when I improved my knowledges, I played it once more. And I will always remember the plot - because it's great. No banal zombie viruses or silent towns - but drama story about Maya and Aya, about is danger which really exists inside us. THE WORST FOE LIES WITHIN THE SELF... I will never forget this phrase! 10 years have passed, but I still launch PE on my PSP. I played it more than 20 times, I know every box location, every gun, every monster. But this game will never be boring to me. When the 3rd Birthday was announced, I was as happy as a child. I was waiting for this game for about a year. Every day I saw a portrait of Aya dressed in wedding dress with blood spots. I really was crying like a little girl when I had to shoot Aya at the end of the game... And now I believe that SQUARE ENIX will return Aya to us. It released many HD remixes, thus I think that Aya Brea, police officer of the NYPD n17, special MIST agent deserves it!

P.S. I'm not from England or America, and my English may be disgusting. I'm really sorry.