View Full Version : "Smooth operator" bonus in the Tai Yong Medical Hangar (DC)

21st Dec 2013, 10:11
The objective is "Open the hangar doors".

The wiki says I can get this bonus here, which appears somewhat odd since the alarms are already on. Nonetheless, since I want the Foxiest of the Hounds achievement I'm trying to get it but I can't. This is a stealth run, the robots didn't see me, nor did the cameras, nor did I fail a hacking attempt or shoot anything, but when I open the hangar doors after having shut down the robots I get the "ghost" bonus but not the "smooth operator" one.

I didn't pay attention to this in the original version but got the achievement all right on my first stealth run, unspoiled by any deeper knowledge, LOL. Can it be that you can't get this bonus any longer in the hangar (which would be appropriate since the alarm is already on) or is there something I did wrong?

22nd Dec 2013, 11:50
Well, no answers. Anyway, I finished my game and the supposedly missed "Smooth Operator" bonus at TYM didn't prevent me from getting the trophy.

22nd Dec 2013, 12:37
Probably something that was a bug when the game first came out, and then instead of patching the bonus itself, they just made it so it wasn't a requirement for getting the trophy/achievement.