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14th Dec 2013, 17:39
You, dear Eidos people, are in a unique position to present a great, realistic story about the conspiracy (uncommon opportunity in the world of electronic entertainment), so it would be really great if at least some of the deeper aspects of the unseen world could be incorporated into the script.
First Deus Ex did only a decend job on that, like mentioning the Templars, Page striving for apotheosis, mixing the mundane with hidden (MJ12 lab in the serwers, right beneath normal people's feet), genetic engineering, official organisations that are actually fronts for something much bigger, Dowd mentioning the light etc. But DX team never actually delved deeper into these ideas. HR took an even shallower dive. It would be ideal if DX4 devs could take some time and study those subjects (and the ones mentioned below) or at least consult someone who is well versed in them. But don't hire Alex Jones. He requires a lot of coke to keep his down syndrome in check.

I'm talking about this because I see a lot (and I mean A LOT) of wasted potential. A deeper story set in a conspiracy themed world could be absolutely mind blowing and even life changing for some people (of course only if the atmosphere/setting is believable).
With that in mind, I shaped a few ideas concerning locations and plot aspects:

*Deep underground base/lab with an access point somewhere in plain sight. Let's say, somewhere around 1/3 of the game, when the protagonist barely scratched the surface of the hidden world, someone tells him that there is this little special elevator in x federal building or x corporate hq and provides him with the code. Said elevator is accessible to the public and there is absolutely nothing special about it when viewed from the uninitiated person's perspective.
But if you're privy to the classified information, you know that you just need to push a few buttons on the control panel (in a specific sequence and in specific time intervals) to make the magic happen.

After punching in the code, elevator descends to the level of underground public parking lot, but the door remain closed (the elevator's floor and ceiling are made of transparent plastic, so you can see what's going on beneath and above). Suddenly, you hear a whiz as the elevator cabin becomes air-tight. You look above and you see the cables disconnecting themselves automatically, you look below and you see a high tech hatch opening and revealing a dimly lit (red or cold-green) shaft that appears to be bottomless. Elevator descends into the shaft for a couple of meters and then stops again. The hatch closes above you without making a sound. For a few seconds nothing happens, and then you're beggining to hear a kind of ominous noise/hum (*WARNING, GRAPHIC CONTENT* [something like this, starts at 0:10: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpzeYUmhDbo ])
The hum intensifies and suddenly the elevator propels itself downward with incredible speed. The lcd screen on the control panel tracks your descent in meters. In first 5 seconds you reach one mile underground and after 15 seconds you are nearing your destination. The hum begins to fade as the elevator stops. Air decontamination procedure kicks in inside the cabin. And finally the door opens. The protagonist reaches for his weapon, exits the elevator and is presented with literally another world. Sterile, glowing hallways, pieces of ultra modern technology (functions unknown), human test subjects kept in plastic cages/submerged in tanks, animal-human hybrids with experimental augs grafted into their flesh and of course lots of busy psycho-scientists walking about (descendants of people brought under operation paperclip perhaps? good material for a datacube imo). Also, technical discription of the elevator and other forms of underground transport should be stored on a computer somewhere in the lab.

It's all about the contrasts. The discovery. The thin line that separates common people and common knowledge from the unseen. It might fit well with the DX4 theme of dividing classes even more.

I loosly based this scenario on descriptions of alleged Dulce base in New Mexico (minus the extraterrestrial nonsense).

*Going undercover to a multibillionaires party/ritual.
Around 2/3 of the game, the hero is generally aware of what's going on, but doesn't know WHY. All the atrocities and mind-shattering things he has seen make no sense to him. He knows that people he's up against already have all the money in the world and all the power, so he asks: why do they bother? What drives them? (but in DX world it's never about personal vendetta, so the mission should be motivated by something else also)
So, after obtaining some experimental tech, connections and knowledge, an opportunity to closely study the enemy presents itself. Thanks to his helpers, he receives an invitation to an elite gathering (something way beyond bohemian grove, see: Eyes Wide Shut) and by deception (face morphing tech/posing as a newly initiated member of the inner circle/whatever) he is able to blend in.

You arrive to a huge mansion (gothic/renaissance mixed with high, slick tech) with all kinds of splendorous facilities. Outside, there is a golf course the size of a small town, some hunting grounds, a few helipads, a few guest houses (and every one of those looks like they were built for at least 100 mil each) and of course an enormous garden with all kinds of exotic flowers and fruit. btw. you just talked to a bum in your previous mission in Brooklyn. he lives in a sewer near a toxic spill and eats rotten dog food. So, you exit your car (or copter, hehe) and you're greeted by a pair of red clad, neck-collared supermodels (or highest level movie stars). They think that you're part of the elite, so they offer you a cocktail and tell you that it's a special mix of designer drugs that enhance cognition, induce euphoria and sharpen your senses. With no side effects or comedown. This is a DX game, so of course you can chose whether to drink it or not. After a few seconds of weird converation (and after you notice occipital jacks in both of their heads), you enter the mansion through the main door (or through the basement window, ground floor window or the chimney ;)). No surprises inside. Crystal chandeliers everywhere, dozens of portraits depicting war criminals, high tech security systems blended seamlessly into the luxurious background, heaps of gourmet organic foods on every table and so on. You notice a cleaning staff despite the fact that cleaning bots are widespread etc, plenty of details like that.
So, lots of talking in this location (maybe a hub even?), lots of reading (a big library, books and datacubes) about the past (histories of ancient orders, some books describing the purpose of media, wars, neverending conflict, and maybe something about culture changes, Hegelian dialectic, dualism, Plato's cave), present (state of classified tech, resources) and future (?). In the mansion it's all about the elite mindset and their dream of becoming like gods. So, overhearing conversations about selling/buying whole countries, miricle drugs (life extension, super-nootropics), nanotech augs reserved only for the chosen, techniques of mass manipulation, boasts about who's got better looking sex slave from a 3rd world country or who's murdered more people by pressing a button, should be common.

This way you probably can create a more hated (and feared) nemesis than any other in video game history, lol. SHODAN would become a harmless relic.

That's it for now. If I think of something, I'll post more.
Also, I'm inviting you to share some of your ideas for the plot. Maybe someone from Montreal will listen, who knows. Probably not, due to various reasons.
But then perhaps people from the modding community will find something of value in this thread :cool: