View Full Version : Deus Ex stupid gameplay CLEAN HOUSE MODE

3rd Dec 2013, 11:52

Nuff said. A video of me having fun on this great game, check it out! If liked enough maybe i do a CLEAN HOUSE on The Hive club.

3rd Dec 2013, 19:15
Awesome video, fun to watch thanks for the narration, its more fun that way listening to the person play than just watching the game. Never knew "Clean House" was a mode, haha. My first screenshot ever for a game on steam was when I did that just for fun but never knew it was some kind of mode or challenge. Here is a link to my first screenshot ever on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=45383682

not sure if the links work that way but hope its viewable here :D

3rd Dec 2013, 20:56
So Clean House is just a Let's Play focused on a particularly violent part of the game?

Also is that what your game really looks like? You should increase your FOV. I can't even watch the video without feeling claustrophobic.

4th Dec 2013, 04:38
Bridget, nice pic. How did you take them down? And yes, i hope you understand im just trollin and having fun in the game. Hmm if your interested im planning on making another video, heres a spoiler of what its going to be. *The Walk of the Lone Ranger*.

Thx for the feedback.

Shralla, yes its just me doing stupid stuff and having fun. Hope you were able to bear the 4:3 aspect and watch it completely. I played it on widescreen, for some reason it was recorded like 4:3. Im a noob at this, ill find a way to record at widescreen. And no, i have everything maxed in the game, except AA which does a heavy impact on my performance, and for recording, i lowered the shadows too, to avoid video stuttering, but everything else is activated and maxed... if it looks THAT bad its probably the compressing method i used for the video... sorry for that too. Ill get a crash course about it and improve it on my next video.

Thx for the feedback

4th Dec 2013, 09:41
Haha, no offense meant. I was just clarifying the concept of a "clean house." As far as the resolution goes, I would definitely figure out what your software is doing and fix it. The squished screen look doesn't fare well on YouTube.