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1st Dec 2013, 11:30

I have played this before, and have come through The lost City and got all the way back to the hole in the ceiling to get out and complete the level, but try as I might i cannot mantle back out through the hole! I have even killed the wandering Burrick so that I have nothing preventing me from having a good look at it. Please help as I have tried everything!


1st Dec 2013, 14:24
here a walkthrough :


1st Dec 2013, 17:09
Thanks. I already have looked at several walkthroughs. I know where I am and what i have to do. Take the stairs all the way to the top floor.
From the stairs, head right, all the way to the room with the
rubble piled in it. Mantle up to the roof.

Its the mnatling up to the roof i cant seem to do!

1st Dec 2013, 18:07
use Youtube Walkthoughs or replay it

3rd Dec 2013, 01:45
Get on the highest pile near the hole. Try a Jump/Mantle!