View Full Version : The Deus Ex community Christmas/Holiday silliness thread!

24th Nov 2013, 11:28
We're approaching the festivities, so let's cover this place in ridiculously festive avatars and signatures! Display them proudly here.

Image theme: how should the characters of Deus Ex celebrate Christmas?

Alternatively, completely ignore the theme and combine DX and Christmas in any way that you desire. I have created a poorly photoshopped image of Sarif stroking his magnificent Christmas beard to start you off.


24th Nov 2013, 16:17
Megan decided to take a break from her research and wrap gifts

24th Nov 2013, 16:23
Deus Exmas or
HeNeverAskedForGifts.jpg or

I can honestly see Adam buying people appliances for Christmas, though,

Also, Jock and Paul drinking at Underworld, failing to get drunk because of augmentations and failing at picking up ladies because they're bad at flirting period.

24th Nov 2013, 17:38
Haha, I'm loving these. :D

Here's my contribution. Adam decides to be an ungrateful recipient this year.


"Santa! I never asked for this!"

24th Nov 2013, 19:12
Great pics so far :cool:


LOL!! Neither of them look very impressed with their gifts.

26th Nov 2013, 13:48
Hehe, no. Why always socks for a bloke and kitchen gadgets for a woman? :mad2: :lol:

27th Nov 2013, 18:49
"We'll need clearance for the sleigh to land, and need to be met on the runway. Yes. Thank you, Major. Goodnight. Idiot."


27th Nov 2013, 21:21
I like that green hat. :thumb:

29th Nov 2013, 18:10
Great pics, everyone

"Deciding to buy gifts at the very last minute was a bad idea. Merry Christmas."

3rd Dec 2013, 11:31
would buy a christmas dlc :D
take my money and great thread, very festive thread with great images for the holidays maybe he can get a stocking with a leg in the stocking! thats what should be in there I always thought, they always looked like real big socks for giants I felt or perhaps tricked out augmented cyber cops uwaaaaaaaa :o

or the shadowy organization is planing to capture santa claus and only Adam Jensen can stop their nefarious plot, also santa has super cyber jet powered reindeer!

3rd Dec 2013, 15:15
The typhoon now launches gift cards to stores nobody likes, as opposed to lethal explosives.

3rd Dec 2013, 19:10
The typhoon now launches gift cards to stores nobody likes, as opposed to lethal explosives.

Maybe like a party popper full of candy canes, those peppermint round things, and other confetti related festive ideas!

20th Dec 2013, 16:56
Only five days left until the Big Day.... more funny pics please. :)

22nd Dec 2013, 07:39
"I can't believe someone actually thought that making this movie was a good idea"
"Don't start, Adam! Pritchard and Malik told me you got emotional watching "Love Actually"."

(Love Actually is great, btw, watched it recently. No shame)