View Full Version : Just cause 3 ideas here !

Ron burgundy
17th Nov 2013, 10:16
Just Cause three ideas !!!!!
1: a second game mode such as :
Multiplayer: must have faction wars
Spilt screen : must have free roam
A bonus mode : (like dayZ)

2: setting : I think you should be Tom Sheldon in 1939 , hired assassinate Mussolini in a scaled down Italy , before he joins WWII , it turns out da Vinci 's ancestor hired you so has inventions such as grapple hook , unlimited parachute , PDA , choppers, submarines etc

3: take advantage of sea !! : such as big waves, underwater caves , sharks , (colossal squids ?) , turtles we can grapple to,big boats

4: accessible transport : like trains/ boats / planes we can walk In

5; animals : a lot of them

6: exploring ; caves and ruins etc

7: dangerous weather : hurricanes , tsunami, twister

8:stealth : maybe Tom is stealthy

I will post more with each other idea you all give

17th Nov 2013, 10:52
I still want Monster Island with Godzilla. :D

10th Dec 2013, 17:01
You had me at stealth. Stealth is wonderful in open worlds, and the dual hook could make for droolworthy moments if used stealthily. Also, the ever asked for multiple attachments, AND a reel in mechanic for the ties. Oh the possibilities...