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15th Nov 2013, 20:21
Let's try not to make this another thread about complaining about TR9 and how we want it to be different in TR10, shall we? I intend this to be a thread about what we honestly expect from the sequel to Tomb Raider 2013. Thank you in advance.

Concerning the gameplay:
I expect the core gameplay mechanics and the tone and feeling of the game to be almost completely similar, though with some new abilities, weapons, gadgets; in other words more of the same with a few new toys; like Assassins Creed Brotherhood to TR9's Assassins Creed 2. I think that it will not be such a revolutionary game as it's predecessor was - nor would I want that I think; I mean TR9 was a solid package of awesomeness, if they're gonna change that it will probably be for the worse, although I think I will be missing the enormous shock of all the improvement that I had when first checking out TR9.

Because I don't expect radical changes the groundwork for the game has already been done and they can concentrate on creating new environments and character models: the game will probably take a lot less time to develop than the last one.

Upgrading abilities and tools, salvaging and ranking up experience points I think is all gonna return, but with a fresh and exciting tech tree. If they have been checking the feedback though, chances are there's gonna be a lot bigger optional tombs with far more complicated puzzles.

Concerning the story:
I honestly do not expect a very good and groundbracking story; though maybe that's just me being careful with my expectations. If there's gonna be another multiplayer they'll want a story with a lot of side characters to make multiplayer skins of. If that is so I think there's gonna be another array of Lara's friends (Sam's gonna be among them, I wager my collection of trilobite fossils on that) who may or may not die horribly :)
Honestly though, I am afraid that Lara is gonna be the most boring character of them all; because she is too iconic for her own good. I think they won't have the stomach to give her any colourful character traits because they are too afraid to alienate fans. As a result, I think all the other characters will have unfortunately more interesting personas than our Lady Croft...

I think Trinity may play a big role in the story: enemies may be Trinity agents, kind of men in black characters, though that is just a stab in the dark...

Despite my pessimism, I expect the game to be awesome :D

16th Nov 2013, 01:23
Well, gameplay wise I'd say the basic stuff is already mapped out, since I doubt CD are about to change things up drastically. I can only speculate with a few hopes thrown in from here. Like I'd expect/hope for them to expand on things that were implemented in TR9 (as a basis to start from); the hub system, camps, upgrading and salvaging etc. I hope it doesn't become too technical or complicated though, but still improved, maybe by adding things like the ability to combine items. I'm kind of expecting (hoping) for the hub spaces to be integrated more into the story arc, thus leading to less linearity for the story path. The puzzles and mandatory tombs will be larger, more intricate and puzzling to work out. I expect more tools. I expect/hope that as Lara (the player) is more experienced this time, more prepared, there will be less hand holding in the form of obvious icons, whiteness and other tell tale signs (or is this wishful thinking?).

Story wise, I think it'll told in a similar vane to TR'13, with a fairly basic main plot coupled with journals/documents to help flesh out the history and myth.

I think (hope) we'll see less of Lara's friendships/comrades featured, or, at least further into the game, they'll gradually get less involved as Lara comes to a decision to go it alone. I feel that Lara's growth into an actual Tomb Raider with will be further developed in the next game. In TR'13 this was touched on as she went from archaeologist to relying on historical facts and maps to realising and acknowledging the supernatural element. However much of Lara's personal growth was based in how she dealt with human enemies/combat. Maybe she'll be faced with some other TR element to come to terms with.

16th Nov 2013, 04:52
i expect some minor changes but should keep the main chore in tact. less enemies would be nice and more exploring.

story wise; well, for sure keep the characters we saw and they have more interaction. we hardly know anything about them and i like them to be a part of the story to flesh them out.

16th Nov 2013, 11:14
I hope they expand on physics puzzles and make one or two complex interior spaces (preferably a ruin/tomby area ) with several rooms and stuff

28th Apr 2014, 10:18
I expect some minor changes but should keep the main chore in tact. less enemies would be nice and more exploring.

I agree there should be fewer enemies, but those there are should be more challenging to overcome.

I expect (or hope) Sam will return, along with maybe Jonah and Reyes, while there will almost certainly be more travel (and consequently more locales) than we saw in TR9 - I'm really hoping one of those will be the lost Roanoke colony in Virgina, though. Not just because it would tie in nicely with the hints we saw in TR9's ending cinematic, but also because it's such an intriguing plotline in its own right.

Relationship-wise, I think the issue or Lara and Sam will still be up in the air, though possibly with a bit of strategically-added subtext to keep the debates raging ;)

Tombs, I think we'll see more of those - I expect TR10 will have more of an archaeological bent to it than TR9 did (which was mostly about survival).

13th May 2014, 17:33
I hope they expand on physics puzzles and make one or two complex interior spaces (preferably a ruin/tomby area ) with several rooms and stuff

Great idea, I liked the puzzles at the start of the game and in some other rooms, it would be great to see a whole game about raiding tombs. I kind of liked that about Tomb Raider :D

15th May 2014, 00:34
Well, what to expect... the first installment of this new take on Tomb Raider was a copy of Uncharted.

Too bad for Crystal Dynamics, they decided to copy the Uncharted gamestyle right at the time when NaughtyDogs realized gaming public is slowly getting bored with indestructible bullet sponge self-regenerating terminators, which are of course afraid of a gunpoint when a cutscene comes.

And so, while CD was busy copying Uncharted formula, ND created a game TLoU by carefully taking elements of 199x games (ironically a few of them are from core Tomb Raider games), mixing these elements with their storytelling experience, with some Resident Evil 4 gimmicks, and of course with a few false statements about the AI in their game. That was a clever move from the business point of view, since public was more and more annoyed with industry standard shooting range ducks they (ND) used for their three games. The game shipped, consumer base dropped jaws and offered greenbacks in bulk.

Based on the story above, I expect this new Tomb Raider project to be a copy of TLoU, which in my opinion means darker story (not "teen edgy" dark like the first one) and emphasis on smaller number of AIs with let's hope better IQ than their TLoU counterparts.

Marketing will (I guess) heavily promote how TR is "drawing from its origins" and "getting more physical and down to the ground", while in fact it will try to cash in on the fact TLoU showed to the business department that there exists quite a large audience for such a type of a game (a game which does not mock gamers' common sense).

And truth to be told, if this prediction is correct, I will buy such a game. No interest in Unchared copy (TR9 can go scream in a corner), but a possibility of a game with genuine in-game realism (not cutscene realism) and with challenging AI? Count me in.

15th May 2014, 04:16
It does sorta feel like CD hopped onto a bandwagon that was on it's way out with the cinematic action edge.

18th May 2014, 21:25
The thing that I expect from the upcoming Tomb Raider is a more mature approach to the storytelling.
I've played TR9 many times over and over again because the gameplay is so addictive. The story is great as well but rather predictable and full of cheesy scenes that I've seen before in many action-packed Hollywood films.

I hope there will be less or no supporting characters at all in the next game.
I couldn't care much for Sam or any other character in Tomb Raider. I realised that some characters had been forcefully placed in the game so that multiplayer could be pulled off. Unfortunately, I'm afraid multiplayer is something that's going to become an inevitable part in next gen Tomb Raider games.