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14th Nov 2013, 15:41
I believe Co-op would make a great addition to the Tomb Raider sequel.

Custom Co-op is where anything can happen and it's all up to players.
Spawn points: if we want we can pick how many and where they are, even if it means everyone ends up being smoked in. Why? Because the fun factor should always come first.
You should be able to pick the game mode for each round, be it different each round or all the same for rounds 1 to X.
You should be able to pick what round you start on and how many enemies you want in it from round 1 to round X for shorter or longer games. Alternatively, you should be able to select how many rounds you want in the game.
Customizing the look of the enemies would be nice, as it gets very boring looking at the same enemies years later.
You should also be able to customize the AI with a variety of tactics for each round or have them play random tactics.
You should be able to pick what enemies you want to fight on each round, making it as easy or hard as you want it to be.
You should also be able to pick how many enemies you want on the map at any given time in each round, depending on what the limit of enemies will be of course, 1 to 24 for example in the case of Killzone shadow fall.
We should be able to pick how much ammo and grenades we start out with.
We should also be able to set the amount of ammo pick up for a TLOU type game or for players that want a little bit more ammo but don't want to start with it.
We should have the option to have any guns we want and we must always have the default guns to play a normal game, but sometimes we just want to blow stuff up and mess around.
Gun damage modifier, for example 0%---50%---100%---200% and so on,
Accuracy modifier, for example 0%----50%----100%---200% and so on,
Rate of fire modifier, for example 0%----50%----100%---200% and so on,
Blindfire/hipfire modifier, for example 0%----50%---- 100%---200% and so on, 50% being half, 100% being normal 200% being double damage, accuracy, rate of fire and finally blindfire, customize it how you want it (eg 113%) anything is fine.

(If your game has kickbacks/killstreaks and/or boosters/perks)
Kickbacks/killstreaks should also be customizable, such as how many starting kickbacks/killstreaks (1, 3, 78, 660.........) and how long they last for timed kickbacks/killstreaks (3 seconds, 10 seconds, 10 minutes and so on).
Kickback/killstreak damage modifier, for example 0%---50%---100%---200% and so on, 0% being no effect, 100% being normal, 200% being two times the kickback/killstreak effect, it would vary depending on the kickback/killstreak. You can also do the complete opposite of what is mentioned and either severely lessen the effect of the kickback/killstreak or create a negative kickback/killstreak, again it would vary depending on the kickback/killstreak.
We should be able to set the amount of boosters/perks players can take. If the player wants all boosters/perks in slot two but just one or two in slot one then they can. This is, of course, all just an option for players that want it and players can always just take one booster/perk in each slot or no boosters/perks at all and only if the host player has this enabled.

Also, if it had a map editor on top of all this, then you could customize almost everything.

The Cheats book:
Your cheats book is a quick select, to bring up things, helping you customize your game at a faster pace it will have stuff like explosives only, pistols only, shotgun only, rifle only, bow only, no guns and so on it will also have additional stuff such as paintball, big head, big hands, big feet, spinning head, head shots only, small AI characters and so on, these are inspired by the Timesplitters series. But to get a more customized game you will need to go outside the cheat book its more of a beginners guide and a add on and not a replacement. Note: lots could be added to the cheats book its limited by imagination.

How this all comes together in an easy way is we will get ten save slots and it will work just like putting stuff on your character.
You can edit your saves at anytime, for whatever reason, so you won't need to start from scratch.
You should also be able to share your co-op saves with your friends if they have an available space.

Example of how it would work is, you would pick your stuff , put it into a save and everything you put into a save is automatically saved as soon as you add it to your save. You can always edit it at anytime.
To start a game you simply pick a map, then you pick one of your created saves and it loads, it's that simple.
On top of your ten saves you will also get the default co-op that you get in "find game", you can not delete or edit this in any way, it will always be something you start out with and you can come back to it at anytime.

Challenges may also be added to unlock any of the above ideas but make them part of the fun factor and not a grind to get if we go this route and please don't make it part of legacy if you go that way again as I wouldn't get to unlock everything as I dislike legacy and so do others.

To make this all easy to navigate I think we should make it look like a phone app, with your weapons at the top, gun modifiers in second, AI customization in third, boosters/perks in fifth, kickbacks/killstreaks in sixth, your cheats book in seventh and anything else I may have missed.

Please give your thoughts on all this.
As always, thanks for reading.

14th Nov 2013, 17:12
That is a lot of text and thus I skipped a lot of it but are you basically suggesting that the multiplayer component of the next game should allow for NPC enemies and have players team up against them (Mass Effect 3 style for example)?

If so, I agree.

And no MP achievements :D

14th Nov 2013, 20:23
Thumbs up for co-op! If only to hopefully drag the OH into playing TR :p

15th Nov 2013, 03:21
coop is all fine and good as long it doesnt interfere with the SP.
in blacklist i think they did more or less a good job that you still could play the levels by your self and had only few spots which were meant for coop. but then you kind of wish it woulndt be there because if you try to be stealthy by your self and reach this section, you want to use it but cant and you have to go through the enemy infested area.

7th Dec 2013, 04:44
I would like to be able to have customized private matches, whether they're co-op or not. But I like this idea! :D