View Full Version : Crashing in Detroit.

10th Nov 2013, 18:24
I've been having problems with crashing in Detroit. I was around that basketball court and when I went to that alley behind the gas station before I make the turn where I would see it the game crashes... Every time I try to go there, I've updated my drivers checked the integrity of the steam files but nothing worked. I am at a standstill in the game because I cannot get anywhere without the game crashing on me. I seriously would love to play more but the game just keeps crashing. :mad2:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

10th Nov 2013, 22:05
If you turn off DX11, does it still crash?

11th Nov 2013, 01:48
I'm not sure I am able to turn DX11 off because in the options menu it is red.

teh roxxors
12th Dec 2013, 21:05
This is a common bug. I found that I could reliably cause the crash by first hacking my way into the apartment building adjacent Grayson's abandoned gas station, exiting via the window, then traveling through the alley outside Seurat's apartment. I would crash as I neared the three hobos clustered around the trash can fire.

I would not get the crash unless I had first broken into the aforementioned apartment building next to the gas station.

You may be able to circumvent the crash by sticking to the far side of the alley, away from Seurat's building, or by avoiding the alley altogether, until you can manage a successful save.

Mik James
18th Dec 2013, 19:32
I believe I had a similar crash in that area. Along with plenty of other random lockups mainly after loading save games.
Then there was the time I saw an npc floating down a hallway with their arms stretched out like wings (a bug I imagine :D )

The Director's cut version of this really is still a mess after the patch
(for me with windows xp anyways).
I usually don't expect these sorts of issues on release of a new game let alone a re-release of a game.