View Full Version : Any word on how we will be notified of a new patch?

6th Nov 2013, 18:21
Since the forums have gone relatively silent for the past week, I'm worried to have missed something.

While I do not understand how bugs which were fixed in the orginal game,have made their comeback in the DC, I do understand their fixing will need time.

Many customers are willing to wait, till they can enjoy the DC without those bugs and that's why I'm asking: will there be a proper notification of some sort in any way - may be in form of a detailed changelog posted in the proper category on Steam? I'm also asking because I didn't notice the 2 described PC-Updates (or what they changed) in the dedicated PC-Patch Topic.

10th Nov 2013, 03:37
I sent them a tweet about patches but have not got a reply and don't really expect one. I would like to start playing the game myself but have refrained until any word, one way or the other, about patches is released. Sucks because I purposely didn't buy the original version when I was going to and waited for the DC instead.