View Full Version : SPOILER Tai Yong Medical laser glitch.

5th Nov 2013, 01:02
Has anyone besides me gotten to the DATA CORE room of Tai Young Medical. Remember the malfunctioning laser over the door that gave access to the vent that led to the security room? Well, it ISN'T malfunctioning in my Director's cut.

Is it just my game or is this a glitch?

5th Nov 2013, 15:16
It's not a game glich. Devs must have changed the laser setup or TYM meintanace man fixed the dam malfunctioning laser. :D

5th Nov 2013, 21:20
If this is a change, I approve. By that late stage in the game, you should have invested praxis points in your playstyle, and all you need is cloak level 1 to slip through a laser. Making every laser have a glitch undermined the value of the cloak aug.

6th Nov 2013, 19:01
I have other things to invest my praxis points in - you do realize that this is just the second city set, first time in Hengsha right? I usually don't bother with the cloak until I go BACK to Hengsha.

I don't like the game dictating where I put my praxis points just to continue as I did before. I managed to shut off the laser from controls in the main room and then get into the ventilation system, but it was a lot of extra hassle when I'm trying to ghost.

Somehow TYM and Maintenance don't seem to go together, if the Pangu is any indication. :D