View Full Version : How do you unlock upcoming classes if you have reached level 40?

18th Jun 2014, 07:26
Hi guys,

To begin with: a similar question might have been raised in the past, in which case I am sorry for repetition.
But there’s one thing I really wanted to ask.

According to the development timeline ( http://www.nosgoth.com/about/game < just scroll down to the “What’s coming up in Nosgoth” section ) we are yet to see two more classes to be implemented in the game (a class per each faction, of course).

As excited as I am to see this, considering how much I am already enjoying the game with what we currently have to play with, I was wondering whether developers have mentioned what the unlock process for those classes would be for the players above level 20.

As you know, we get a class unlock token per every 5 levels, which results in all the current classes being available upon reaching level 20. As far as I am aware, we start getting random rewards from that point.

So my question is – was there any sort of an official statement about how those class unlocks will work?

I understand it might be too early for this, as those classes aren't going to come out any time soon, but I guess my excitement for the game makes me want to take a glimpse into the future (any Prophet players out there?).

Potentially the answer to my question is as simple as automatically awarding each level 30+ player with 2 class unlock tokens, but I was just looking for any official statement confirming this.

Thank you in advance if you have any information on the topic.

See you on the battlefields,

18th Jun 2014, 14:08
Hello Telanar,

I don't think this will be an issue at all.
When they add the new classes, they will also add mechanisms for attributing Class Unlock Artifacts to those 25 or above, as well as giving people those same items whenever someone from a lower level than 25 reaches the next 5 level stack, so you don't have to worry about that. I'm sure everyone will have their way.

It is likely that they won't be adding the new classes until the Open Beta, or at least I think that's what I've heard their executive producer say on an interview with Gamespot, and when they do that there is the great chance that everyone's account will be reset, in which case they will have implemented the system for gaining the Artifacts up until how much they need.

18th Jun 2014, 14:31
Hi GoldenXan and thanks for your response,

Yeah I do get a feeling as well that there won’t be anything to worry about, but I guess I was just too excited for the game and wanted to find out more and see if any official statements were made.

On a separate topic that you mentioned – there was a statement saying there is no clear decision made on doing a wipe after closed beta and they will try to avoid it if possible ( reference: http://steamcommunity.com/app/200110/discussions/0/558751660918981030/ ). It might seem logical to do it I guess, considering that all your runestones get refunded either way, but I have to admit I would feel a little sad having to farm all the gold back up (as much of a pleasure this game is to play).

I guess we shall wait and see. Looking forward to everything else yet to come to this game.