View Full Version : Thank you for the audio commentary.

3rd Nov 2013, 08:02
To the game's designers,

Thank you for your astute audio commentary. While I have enjoyed the commentaries of movie directors and actors for some time now, I have never played a video game with a commentary. As a fellow creative individual myself, I find it invaluable to gain insight into the minds of other artists. Make no mistake. What you make is art whether or not the sea change in contemporary attitudes has caught up to it or not, video games can be as enlightening as any master's painting.

I would also like to add a special thank you for one particular E-book found on Jensen's coffee table. It refers to the works of Taqi al-Din, a maker of clocks and telescopes. I was previously unaware of that individual's contribution to the world of astronomy, and it has helped point me in the right direction for a research paper I am currently writing. Unexpected discoveries like that in a game such as yours with such exquisite attention to detail truly set you apart from the dull commercialism of generic titles which have flooded the market over the last decade of gaming's history.

I highly anticipate your future endeavors.

Thank you,