View Full Version : Deus Ex: Fallen Angel - 12000 word novellette, $25 for Aussies

1st Nov 2013, 10:05
Hi to the mods, EM and SE,

Massive fan of DXHR fiction here - I've bought the comics, The Icarus Effect novel, and DXTF iPad game and enjoyed them all. I even bought an extra copy of DXHR on a steam sale ready to give to a friend in future!

I was pretty keen to get the new novellette, but a bit disappointed to see that I would have to buy the game for the full $20 on the SE store to get the novel, missing out on the $15 discount available on steam to prior owners.

But just now tonight I decided that even with all the issues with the director's cut, I would spend the extra $15 for the novel and went to buy it. Only to discover I can't buy from the North America store ... instead I need to buy the game from the Aussie / Asia store for $30.

Now I am used to being ripped off for games as an Aussie, but this is really taking the piss. Even as an Aussie, I can go buy the game on Steam for $5 ... or I can pay SIX times as much to buy it from the SE store apparently.

Throw that novellette up for sale for $5 sometime and I'll buy it happily. I LIKE giving you guys money for stuff. But there is a limit before it starts to feel like being fleeced :/