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29th Oct 2013, 04:19
Apologies if this thread has been made before, but I was wondering, what is "Operation: Red Dust"? It's referred to in the Hyde Park mission during a convo between two enemy soldiers, and I'm really curious because it's never mentioned again throughout the whole game, yet it's referred to that one time as a pretty big event. Is there a chance that it will be explored/explained in future Deus Ex content, cos I hope so?

29th Oct 2013, 15:14
at the time of HR, there's a civil war in Australia. If I were to guess, I'd say it's probably smth to do with that.

(more info on that war is in the novel "Icarus Effect", but it's been a while since I've read that, so apologies, can't be any more specific)

29th Oct 2013, 15:36
I've read Icarus Effect, but that was a while ago so I've forgotten various bits of it. Don't think Red Dust was mentioned though.