View Full Version : [PC] Omega Ranch - Stuck, Door Doesn't Open

28th Oct 2013, 10:19

Mission marker "X" is behind a closed door.

Everything is triggered to have the door open (having uploaded the virus).

Autosaves and quicksaves are all after the virus was uploaded, and previous savegames are from 3-4 missions earlier.

...Frustrated, please help.

Raider of Souls
28th Oct 2013, 16:06
Wasn't this fixed in a patch for the vanilla version?

29th Oct 2013, 08:26
I know there was conversation about it back-in-the-day with some google searches. But regardless, this is Director's Cut v2.0.0.0... Is anybody else experiencing this problem?

This may be further evidence that this is the UNPATCHED version of the game for Director's Cut on the PC?? I'm not sure.

30th Oct 2013, 17:01
Is there *any* way to noclip through the door? Or incorporate the fix into the next patch? I'd very much like to finish the game :(