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27th Oct 2013, 09:44
Deus Ex Human Revolution was my first Deus Ex game. I bought a second hand copy of the Augmented Edition, and took it home. Naturally with it being second hand, all the download codes had already been used, but I didn't mind because I got the game pretty cheap, and the artwork book was really cool.

I played through the game and absolutely loved it. It's one of my all time top 5 games - I downloaded all the DLC as well, and thoroughly enjoyed playing through. Doing a full pacifist runthrough on the highest difficulty was especially rewarding.

So as soon as the Director's Cut was announced, I was extremely excited - but one thing was already clear in my mind. I would buy it new to support the devs and the company for making such a great game. As someone new to the franchise, I didn't feel bad about buying DEHR second hand, but once I found out how exceptional the game was, I felt like I should have bought new to support them.

So yesterday I bought the Director's Cut new from my local shop, took it home, and... Well, there's no point going in to details about all the ways in which the 360 version is an unfinished buggy mess, but suffice it to say (I work as a tester in the IT department of a local university) - if I'd let something like that out the door, I'd be out the door with it.

Come on guys. All you've done is reinforce the idea that people should wait before buying games, so that they are patched. Unfortunately, by that time, they're also readily available second hand, so you miss out on a sale.

I feel cheated out of 20 pounds, which is a real shame. This has left a sour taste which needs to be addressed. I wwould like to see an official acknowledgement of these issues, together with some indication of when they will he fixed. That's the least I'd be expected toddo in my professional world if I screwed up, and I'm just one UK public sector tester.

TL DR: I'm trying to support you guys with my money. Don't make me think twice about doing that next time.

27th Oct 2013, 15:40
I'm trying to support you guys with my money. Don't make me think twice about doing that next time.

Sorry to hear that. Nice you wanted to honour them too.
Lesson learnt and debt repaid now though.

Try the original Deus Ex. You probably won't see the appeal, Deus Ex is very deceptive, but it is smarter than Human Revolution, better designed. I takes time to realise this.

There is other merchandise you can buy to support them and the publisher (more the publisher), oh there is plenty of merch. Sigh.
But yes, they did deserve your money for Human Revolution. This Director's cut? Technical issues by the number, and mostly useless additions to the game. Complete wasted opportunity, as some certain small changes can make a huge difference. Certain, specific changes.
But since you bought DX:HR used, consider this your fee I guess. You know DX:HR is worth more than £20 + whatever you bought it used for anyway. Of course, that's beside the point, yes.

27th Oct 2013, 16:01
Yeah, what Cyber said: you have a great attitude about this and it's a pity that things have gone the way they have. Hopefully EM will advance the issue at some point this coming week, and we'll know more about what's going to happen.