View Full Version : Deus Ex Director's Cut issues

PoetiC SkillZ
27th Oct 2013, 04:07
Hi, so I picked up a copy of the Director's Cut for the 360. I'm a previous owner of the game, and was super excited to play this version. Overall, I'm feeling a little cheated on this version, and I'm not sure if 360 and PS3 were an afterthought to te WiiU, but this cut seems unpolished.

Why aren't there a new set of achievements for this?
Game is now on two discs - not a big issue, but why can't we install the game to the hardrive. Installing the game reduced loading time by 20 seconds on the orignal game!
My smartphone isn't working with the smartglass and this game... bummer.
Was there a change to gamma on this game... for some reason, the graphics don't look as clean as the previous game, now everything looks more washed out.

I'm excited that the DLC is now rolled into the single player, and even more excited about the new gameplus mode, but all the other issues really damper the experience.

Is there any chance for an update on any of these?