View Full Version : Still waiting for my steam key

25th Oct 2013, 23:32
Bought the game at the Square enix store to get the novel and i still missing my key and novel.
Tryed to get an answer at FB but nothing.

Whats up?

26th Oct 2013, 00:57
Same problem. Pre-ordered on Wednesday, no sign of a Steam key. Square Enix's help people seem to have gone home for the weekend, so it looks like it's wait 'til Monday.

In addition, I don't know if anyone from Eidos can really do anything to help with that particular problem. 's not their system that's retailing the game, after all.

Out of interest, what have you had from Square Enix? I received my Confirmation Email, but that was it. In my Profile it shows the DC as a "Registered Game" (whatever that means), but has no further info. Clicking on the game takes me to the Game page (not the Store page), which still says "Pre-Order Now" rather than "Buy".

Methinks someone at Squenix has dropped a fairly large ball. 'course, whether they'll sort it out or not... :rolleyes:

In any case, I wonder how many other people have had this problem.

26th Oct 2013, 13:28
havent checked my SE aacount but only got the Confirmation Email.
But thats not the worst part... Give me some info at least, i have tryed on the forums now, FB and mailed them.. and the SE Support sides sucks ass

29th Oct 2013, 17:35
Still need help try the moderators on this site they might help with your problem good luck friend

8th Nov 2013, 14:49
Have had my problem sorted as of yesterday. I contacted the EU support team via the relevant channels; the going was a tad slow, but things did eventually work out after some prodding from my end. I get the impression they're very, very busy. If you're in the EU, though, I can vouch for their ability to solve the problem for you. Give them a try, and best of luck.