View Full Version : A point or two about developer's commentary

25th Oct 2013, 20:27
I thought the commentary addition was great and in itself worth the money I spent on the DC. Even so, there are some problems that could be fixed:

Commentary triggers should be highly visible. It's impossible to know where one is unless you walk on it.
The player should be invincible while a commentary segment is on. Death means reload, which means listening to everything again.
When a commentary is triggered nothing should stop it (not even private messages from Pritchard, Sarif and the like.) This assures the player so he can keep playing without the fear of backtracking and listening to the same commentary again.
The player should be able to see how long a commentary segment is, pause or stop it.

THC 303
25th Oct 2013, 20:42
i think it's great that it's not highly visible, because that makes it not intrusive (which i think was the goal fot the whole thing)

the only thing i would've liked to see is an option to skip or pause the commentary during cutscenes because during gameplay you can decide if you want to listen to it or not but during cutscenes it goes directly to the commentary without input from the player

25th Oct 2013, 21:10
Commentary is already intrusive. If I can't see the points of commentary, there is no purpose to it being there.