View Full Version : New Game+ (PC Version)

23rd Oct 2013, 19:57
For those in the US who already downloaded DC can you immediately start a game with the New Game+ mode if you already finished the game with the normal edition? I mean I finished DXHR a year ago and I believe my saves are in the cloud. Hopefully I won't have to finish game another time in order to start with the plus mode.

Gene Jacket
23rd Oct 2013, 20:55
I don't believe so, no.

When I downloaded the Director's Cut, it installed as a whole new entry in my Steam Library (instead of a patch for the existing version I already had installed) and did not recognize the saves I had from the regular version.

24th Oct 2013, 19:30
So I understand New Game + was not available right?

24th Oct 2013, 21:21
Correct, you have to finish the DC once to get a New Game+ going, however I don't see an issue since the game is awesome. Besides that new game+, at least for me, is worthless. Running and gunning the DC for the most part, I only needed 9 more praxis points to obtain the rest of the augs, and since there are at least 21 points I find near or completely useless...yeah...Besides, whats the point of hacking everything if you are not trying to progress your exp? There is none. You just hack what you need to to get to weapon mods, and so that's maybe a dozen doors. And of course whats in between you and your objective. So since I derive a lot fo fun for some unknown reason, from hacking, yeah new game+ is good for basically a super easy Pacifist/Foxiest run.

pdx mm
25th Oct 2013, 16:55
Actually you don't have to finish the game completely to start a new game +. I crashed right after the final boss fight and after getting back to the menu page I noticed it was available.