View Full Version : Why there is no install OPTION on X360 in HR: Director's Cut

21st Oct 2013, 18:55
Why there is no install OPTION on the X360 version of HR: Director's Cut? The game is spread onto 2DVDs, wouldn't it be convenient to install both discs onto the HDD to shorten the loading times etc.? :mad2:

The classic Human Revolution had it and now its gone in the re-release...

24th Oct 2013, 21:13
I am having the same issue. I contacted Square and they told me to contact XBOX. Go figure. I am going to keep playing around with it and let you know if I find a resolution.

26th Oct 2013, 22:32
Unfortunately this is probably not something that Eidos could fix with a patch as the install feature is driven by the dashboard software.

Microsoft would probably have to update the dashboard software to get the directors cut to install.

Whether they would do that just for one game is anyones guess.