View Full Version : To remake, or not to remake Unknown Treasure...

15th Oct 2013, 04:43
I've threw up a poll at ttlg about this. So it would be only right to do so here too. Basically, I'll be using the version I have in TROTB 2 with a bit more. The underground area will pretty much be completely different. On top of that, there will be a second mission to help complete the storyline.

But I want to see how many people would want to have this.

So, should I go for it? :)

18th Jan 2014, 13:42
I don't think it's necessary, the mission was already good as it was, but if you want to add some newdark's incrementation, you're welcome.

Anyway, I think it's better you focus more on TROTB2.

2nd Feb 2014, 22:55
I agree with the above. The poll is too black and white, so I didn't vote.

5th May 2014, 06:32
After a long thought and a few votes at ttlg saying they want to see the second mission, I've decided to remake it. The title is now "The Unknown Treasure NDV". At the moment, it's being beta tested. As it stands, I can't find any errors in it.