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10th Oct 2013, 10:03
While I was eating a microwave dinner I got to thinking about the next installment in the Deus Ex series and where the developers could go from there, what could be done for the series.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution was about transhumanism.
The major themes of the game were transhumanism, its benefits and society's unwillingness for technological progress.
This is obviously what will actually happen in our world, in fact the game takes place close to the predicted date of the Singularity.
I think the next step is for the subject of robotics and consciousness.

The next Deus Ex game could be about a new corporation in the field of robotics and their new prototype synethetic humans.
You play the role as an android and its path towards understanding its origins and place in the world.
Some major themes could be the abuse of synthetic humans, android rights and the public backlash at equal treatment of androids and even their very existence.

10th Oct 2013, 13:39
Are you Omar creed? :cool: :D

I like all your ideas but wouldn't want to play as an android, I don't think.
We could have a main android antagonist though. :cool:

10th Oct 2013, 13:43
That would really mess up the Deus Ex canon, as there are no androids in the original Deus Ex. At least, I don't think they were androids... *ominous music*.

10th Oct 2013, 13:48
That music freaked me out. :eek:

10th Oct 2013, 14:21
I don't think it'd fit the setting very well. Apart from the obvious difficulty of fitting it into the continuity, Deus Ex is about the philosophy of government in the cybernetic age, how the elite stratum of society and their lackeys use ever-advancing technology to solidify their authoritarian grip on power and how human revolutionaries turn the elite's tools against them to subvert their will (as summed up in the famous conversation with the Morpheus AI). Self-aware androids would instead of tools be agents of their own and that kind of "wild card" role is already served by the AIs.

I'd rather the series focuses on its core themes than become a grab-bag of miscellaneous sci-fi tropes with ham-handed cyberanalogies for racism.

10th Oct 2013, 15:41
I want to know more about the Omar. It is surely their time to shine. :cool:

10th Oct 2013, 16:01
Wierd.... I have been dreaming about electric sheep? Does it make an android? No, it makes me a perv. :D

10th Oct 2013, 16:02
Wierd.... I have been dreaming about electric sheep? Does it make an android? No, it makes me a perv. :D

Huh. Guess that sheds some light on the android's feelings about said sheep.