View Full Version : trying to move vending machine in Hengsha City Interior Level

7th Oct 2013, 00:19
Need to move the vending machine to get into the vent, but, get message 'too heavy' and there don't seem to be
any other options. If I don't have an aug to be able to move it, how do I proceed? Thanks,


7th Oct 2013, 01:00
Been a while since i played but if it has something to do with progressing in the main story there have to be other options. If there really isn't it's a dead-end corridor & just a "bonus" for people who have installed this augmentation.

7th Oct 2013, 17:37
Try using explosives on vending machine?

10th Oct 2013, 00:43
Thanks....I ended up having to take out the guards...had hoped to go stealth, but, am not very good at it yet.
Thanks for the help...

10th Oct 2013, 00:47
Hey, that's what Deus Ex is about. It's a learning experience both for the player and the character. Now maybe you've decided what your next upgrade is going to be, or maybe you've decided you can live without it. Your choice!

10th Oct 2013, 00:59
You can also use the peps or really any weapon to move anything heavy. I think you can even just slowly push some the big stuff without lifting it. There are always many ways to do things in DX.

pdx mm
25th Oct 2013, 17:03
Another trick you can use to move items that are listed as too heavy is to get a medium to large size cardboard box and place it up against the heavy item. If you can open the vent cover then crouch down up against the box and push forward. Might have to change the angle of the box from time to time but this will move the heavy object.