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3rd Oct 2013, 09:04
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http://img545.imageshack.us/img545/2633/cpjh.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/545/cpjh.jpg/)

1. Czech car plate. 4U6 : 1897 8 and 2019 or 20/9. Blue color confirmed to be present in the upcoming game. Protagonist will most likely visit one Czech city at some point. "4U" means "For You" and "6" indicates the expected number of sales in millions in the first day by SE. "1897 8" ==> 1 + 8 + 9 + 7 - 8 = 25 - 8 = 17 which is the total number of games and other things planed in Deus Ex Universe. "2019" indicates the number of people currently working on the franchise.

2. Figure of some woman. Sex scenes confirmed. Also strong renaissance reference. Cyber-renaissance style confirmed.

3. Poster of some guy with desription "TALOS" and "THE ARC". "Talos" is the god from Elder Scrolls Universe. Open world Deus Ex game confirmed. Guy on the photo is probably one of 2019 developers working on the franchise. Which one? Further investigation needed."The ARC" strongly suggest that the guy on the photo plays as Archer in Skyrim. Bow confirmed.

4. Gold triangels. Strong Human Revolution connection. Adam Jensen confirmed.

5. Sad, whiny face sprayed on th wall. Male, around his late thirties. Most likely single, dreams about career in show-bussiness, psychological profile indicates constant frustration and masturbation addiction. Pritchard confirmed.

6. OPH = Over Powered Human. Strong transhumanism reference. Augmentations confimed.

7. "*?&%". "*" - that is offical model of crosshair in the game. "?" - question mark indicates presence of a lot of secrets, unknown areas in the game. "&" - and. "%" - there will be alcohol in the game (bear 5%, vodka 40%).

8. "LEVEL" - the players will be able to level up the protagonist. Skill system confirmed.

9. "OHH" desription and sprayed scared face. Which means " O Holy Hugh". Hugh Darrow will be present in the game even if we kill him in HR. Zombies confirmed.

10. Squre blue light. Further confirmation that color blue will be present in the game. Also indicates that Deus Ex is Square Enix' last hope of making money.

11. "123 DX4". Another plate. Player will be able to drive cars, tunning oportunites and customization confirmed. There will be 123 different vehicles present in the game. "DX4" - hmn... what the hell does that mean? Further investigation needed.

12. OPH. Look --> point #6.

13. Sad face. Story teaser. SPOILER WORNING. Something bad is going to happen to somebody in the game or it is just further confirmation of Pritchard.

14. "G" like G-man. Coincedence? No. Half-Life 3 confirmed.

15. Large number "5". Number of city hubs in the DX4.

16. "HQ". Untaco HQ confirmed.

17. "NBK" - which means "NoBody Knows when premiere of the first game will be".

18. "BULL" - strong Barret from HR reference. Further confirmation of zombies. Alternatively it may indicate that this whole analysis is complete BULLsh**.

Share your ideas.

3rd Oct 2013, 10:37
lolol 10/10

3rd Oct 2013, 11:44
I'm liking the idea of class segregation.

I'm being reminded of a short story by JG Ballard where central London has been gated and guarded by US Marines and the under class live in rural outskirts of London in plastic tent-like accomodation.

I get the feel from the artwork of temporary PVC/polythene walls, curtains and doors, similar to what you see in earthquake disaster relief camps. This sample artwork is very encouraging and exciting, I think it looks to be a good moral and philosophical drama with an intense storyline.

3rd Oct 2013, 12:26
Good finds

3rd Oct 2013, 15:07
Hahaha very good eye you have sir.

3rd Oct 2013, 15:11
You get an A+ and a gold star sticker for your efforts!


Good job! Funny read.

3rd Oct 2013, 15:41
lolol 10/10

Good finds

Hahaha very good eye you have sir.

You get an A+ and a gold star sticker for your efforts!


Good job! Funny read.

Thank you.

3rd Oct 2013, 16:30

3rd Oct 2013, 17:02
I think you're on to something; Pritchard is a sad tosser.

PS. Fix that bloody image tag!

3rd Oct 2013, 17:09
PS. Fix that bloody image tag!

What is wrong with it?

I edited first post. Hope it helps.

3rd Oct 2013, 17:23

Blue color confirmed to be present in the upcoming game


4th Oct 2013, 00:22
Haha nice work!

You got me good with the out of sequence #10 though, took me ages to spot it!

4th Oct 2013, 08:47
EidosMontreal, give me something new to analise!!! I need more!!!

4th Oct 2013, 12:19
Actually the blue thing might be important - Blue for underclass, yellow for upper?

Should add 3rd green class.

David Holy
4th Oct 2013, 13:53
Hahaha! Your nerdlevel is godlike. Very funny :)

4th Oct 2013, 14:21
Hahaha! Your nerdlevel is godlike. Very funny :)

Thank you sir. I please to aim.

deus ex fan
4th Oct 2013, 19:43
its a creepy/nightmarish image of how our world will look like in the not so distant future....

thumbs up for incredible artwork this image have