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8th Sep 2013, 08:28
Eidos you should look on poor designed maps what you did , look how it it works in DX1 and DX 3.DX4 needs professional maps ,schematics,satelite images, similar like in DX 1 with the same system by transmitting them or getting them by hacking.There is no room for radar in next Deus Ex.

One of the worst designed map system ever seen. That's nasty.

DX 1 map system is perfect.You have to find everything on your own.

One of the users posted on forum this:

But I'd also like to see the hacking mini-game concept expanded. I do very much consider this to be a major improvement over DX1's mechanic of "watching a few waves shoot out from a multitool while a percentage bar counts down to 0%." Hacking and hacker culture is a staple of cyberpunk, and I'd like to see DX4 get even more creative in ways to depict the virtual architecture of the internet and the various security grids. Allow the player to have progressively more access to floor plans, keycodes, passwords, security systems, lights (how cool would it be to be able to cut the power before infiltrating a building? yeah, the guards would be on higher alert, but at the same time, they couldn't see you...
and that's great idea.
Eidos I will remind you this on DX4 forum.

8th Sep 2013, 09:00
Should I write a petition about having optional radar, the ability to cut a building's lights and male hookers for DX4?

8th Sep 2013, 09:12
Only if the male hookers look like this guy from Fable


8th Sep 2013, 09:19
Should I write a petition about having optional radar, the ability to cut a building's lights and male hookers for DX4?

Yes you can write ,I will sign,if they wont change it, for me its gonna be another big disappointment and for other people.

8th Sep 2013, 09:54
Eh, while I like the idea of finding your own way, even in real life DX HR style maps are quickly becoming more likely to be in use by the time of the games.

Maybe the antagonists should invest in some blocking devices to explain why you're gonna have to rely on paper again.

8th Sep 2013, 10:05
I dont like to be dragged through the whole game like a moron by radar with location marker or by someone like in Human Revolution.

8th Sep 2013, 12:00
Are we just throwing any criticisms at EM now? "poor map design" wont cut it.
Sorry Luci, (not you Spy), but you'll need to elaborate. You cannot slam thier work without reasoning.

-Yes it is ugly (in our opinion, damn gold theme)
+controls/navigation all good here on sexbox (sex with a pig more often than not)
+Does it represent map layout accurately? I used it two or three times, it was handy but I cannot say more than that.
?Immersive Simulation: It represent's Adams infolink that has mapped out the area, right? But is this mentioned in the aug descriptions? Hmm.

It surely took more work than what looks like an edited in-game screen shot (DX1 image #1), but it was handy once or twice. However I prefer the schematics also and prefer they'd take that route next time.

Also, you say "in DX1 maps you have to find everything on your own, yet the DX1 maps highlight points of interest too.

Going off topic: I'll quote Shralla here:

Boiled down, definitely. The whole game is clearly designed with "oh ****, we have to sell this to a mainstream audience" written all over it. But the problem is their assumptions about what the mainstream wants are WRONG and self-imposed.

I know a guy, I tried to get him to play DX:HR (got you a sale EM, well, I've got you a few actually), he got confused and gave up even with me helping him, he usually plays COD and Fifa so this must have been golden madness for him.
After ALL the ******* handholding! EM really should make true art next time, then add the few neccesary hand holders (optional objective markers, hints etc) and be done with it. For all dumbing down they did it was in vain when they had:

-Very limited ammo that requires searching every nook.
-An in-depth grid-based inventory (ok there was auto sort but it was disabled by default thankfully)
-Huge hubs with few memorable landmarks and lots of copy n paste, even I got lost.
-Hacking that is not optional (without DLC, lol) and requires paying attention.

Pick your target audience EM. You wasted a lot of time pandering to the lesser players for naught with this game.

8th Sep 2013, 14:18
How do you get lost in Human Revolution?

8th Sep 2013, 14:47
How do you get lost in Human Revolution?

Not exactly lost, just struggled for a few minutes to find some objective in Hengsha without obj. markers.

How? Read:

Huge hubs with few memorable landmarks and lots of copy n paste, even I got lost.

8th Sep 2013, 16:20
You could easily integrate these two approaches, though.

You can include detailed, room-by-room, labeled schematics, but make them accessible only at medium-advanced computer skill levels (player hacks into security system admin, downloads file with building schematic, etc). Meanwhile, players who don't invest in their hacking capabilities can still talk to NPCs (thieves, disgruntled former employees, careless maintenance workers, etc) who give you hand-drawn or low-res photos of key locations, doors, side entrances, hidden panels, etc.

A good mix of detailed maps and "figure it out yourself" would be satisfying to different types of players, IMO.


But for the love of all that is holy, please make radar an augmentation and make an option to turn off objective markers.

9th Sep 2013, 07:33
There are many reasons that this map system doesnt work.And Jcpie you writed this petition? Please inform us about the progress.

9th Sep 2013, 08:11
I will find a good petition site, and create one and then spread it around Facebook and Tumblr and mail it to EM.

We need male hookers.

9th Sep 2013, 13:35
There are many reasons that this map system doesnt work

C'mon man...I don't want you to feel oppressed (especially for the nice things you said about me :)), but we need reasoning.

9th Sep 2013, 18:56
C'mon man...I don't want you to feel oppressed (especially for the nice things you said about me :)), but we need reasoning.

When you play the game you dont have any information about the objective,no images we cant see the target ,we cant touch it, we dont get any clues , we are blind.With this map system everything is about go from point A to point B.The player doesnt need babysitter. In DX1 you reveal everything step after step,not everything at once.