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12th Aug 2013, 05:23
Okay, so we all know that Agent 47's most distinguishing feature is the barcode tattooed on the back of his head. My question is: How does this not draw suspicion from guards or 47's target? I understand that everyone within the Hitman universe regards Agent 47 as nothing more than a myth, but still, you'd think that a guy walking around with a barcode on the back of his head would draw attention. Even with a disguise, wouldn't something like that make blending in a little difficult? Please, I ask that no one give any wise-crack comments. This is something I've wondered ever since I became a fan of the series, and I would like input from other people. Thank you.

28th Sep 2013, 01:30
I agree that a barcode is an attention grabbing tattoo, but to play devils advocate
How many civilians would recognize Agent 47? He leaves no witnesses, and plenty of his disguises have hats. I know there are some that don't but I think that blood money did a good job of making guards suspicious of him without it affecting the game play (walk past a guard, he turns around, looks at you scratches his head and keeps walking). The tattoo is also sort of a giveaway in blood money. With the notoriety aspect if you re caught on camera or leave witnesses, people recognize you.
Hope this was helpful.

1st Oct 2013, 18:58
Yes, this was very helpful. Thank you. I always wondered about it because, other than Blood Money, it's hardly ever acknowledged in the series by the other characters. Although, I wonder how that would work out in real life....