View Full Version : Freezing issues on PS3 -- cutscenes, can't get into LIMB

28th Jul 2013, 09:12
Hi guys,

I started playing HR a little late. It's 2013. In any case, it's an awesome game.

For some reason, the game freezes when I try to enter the LIMB clinic for the first time in Detroit. There are also issues with some of the cutscenes -- it'll start playing, the video will freeze, the audio will cut, but the subtitles still continue. At the end of the scene, I can hit start and skip the scene to get out of it. The game continues fine after that.

But with this LIMB issue, I can't actually move forward in the game. I'm not sure what to do. I've signed out of PSN. I've restarted my system. I've cleaned the disk. I've done all the side missions I can. There's literally nothing else I can do until I get into the clinic.

Any ideas?