View Full Version : Is there a way to conserve the Black Market items once you have bought them in game?

20th Jul 2013, 21:44
This is more of a general question, so it doesn't really belong to any particular platform.
Anyway, a few days ago I bought Just Cause 2 with all of the DLC Black Market Contents from Steam.

Now for example if I was to buy Rico's Signature Gun, Bull's Eye Assault Rifle, Rocket Launchers, etc. Is there a way to conserve these items safely without having to constantly re-buy these items once I run out of ammo?

This is something I noticed a few times in the game. Since Rico is only limited to carrying 3 weapons at a time. It seems like it is impossible to conserve these items in some sort of inventory storage unit, like in a typical RPG game.

This means I lose in game cash every single time I want to buy these Black Market weapons again whenever I need them or if they run out of ammo. The same thing makes me afraid of buying in game black market vehicles because they cost even more and if I end up losing them or not have my own area in the game to store them like in a garage then it just means I have to keep buying them every time I need them?:o

Is there no way to store these items once you purchase them in game? And what about when you run out of ammo from any of the black market weapons, can you refill them again with more ammo or do I have to ditch them and re-buy them again?:scratch:

22nd Jul 2013, 06:57
No way to conserve although many of the black market weapons have places where you can reload like the rocket launchers and such. I don't remember the signature gun having a ammo spot but in many cases it is better to just order the item to have it dropped off instead of running all the way back just to reload. At one point in the game money really won't be that hard to come by so spend away.

The same goes for the vehicles.

26th Jul 2013, 15:22
Correct me if i'm wrong but I think that you can just reload the Sig Pistol with Revolver ammo, all of the rocket launchers get ammo from the standard rocket launcher, which can be found around the map. Apart from the cluster bomb launcher, I haven't found any ammo for that as of yet. As well as the air gun.