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16th Jul 2013, 05:12
Hey there fellow LoK fans. The names Mathas and I tend to do Retrospectives from time to time. Recently I began playing Soul Reaver again and it rekindled my love of the long missing series, so much that I wanted to do a Retrospective on it all. Initially it was going to be 1 video showcasing the game then I quickly realized this would be borderline impossible if I wanted to really show it all off. So I then began writing scripts for a 3 parter (1 for the Blood Omen series, 1 for Soul Reaver and 1 for Defiance). That...ended up being another failed attempt. I realized each game was too in depth and different to clump them at all, so now I have embarked on a 5 video series showcasing the game and why each one was influential, fun or bizarre in its own right, starting with Blood Omen 1.

Would love other fans of the games to check it out and feel free to drop some feed back!

- Mathas

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16th Jul 2013, 09:15
Hello there!

I watched the Blood Omen video. I enjoyed it :thumb:
I will recommend your video to some of my people who share the enthusiasm about the series.
I'll also give it to some people who're new to the series, though I'm afraid will it spoil much because of the decapitation scene. :D
Still, nicely done. The voice reminded me a bit of AVGN's early work

16th Jul 2013, 12:58
Nice to see you bringing this fantastic series out in the light, Mathas. It was a really great video and I liked it a lot. :) But I noticed a couple things that I thought I might clear up. The Pillar guardian's you have to face in the game are actually Human sorcerers, not vampires. And that armored dude you fight towards the end of the game was the human King William the Just, who would later become the tyrant Nemisis and attempt to conquer Nosgoth, thus why Kain killed him to prevent that ever happening. Despite the fact it was a ploy by Moebius. I think the guy your thinking of is Malek, who is basically the only armored Pillar guardian. Other than that, you were spot on. It's a great series and I'm looking forward to see your take on it. :D

16th Jul 2013, 13:37
Hi Mathas, that's a fantastic video. Great work, and I'm looking forward to the rest. :):thumb:

The only thing I would add, aside from the above, is that Shifter wasn't changed into Soul Reaver mid-development.
It was more like before development - Shifter was never a playable game, just a concept. There was no real production work done on it at all, except a document with ideas and artwork by Amy, Seth, and Arnold, which all carried over to SR1 regardless.

I found out recently that there is ambiguity over BO1's real sales numbers, interestingly. Rather than 700,000 copies, we have a confirmation of at least "320,082 units" according to a court case (http://docs.justia.com/cases/federal/district-courts/north-carolina/ncedce/5:2007cv00275/89570/697/0.pdf?ts=1324652279)... and in the same case, Silicon Knights claimed it actually sold over 2 million units, but "cited nothing in the record to support this assertion". Guess I will have to stick that on Wikipedia. :p

16th Jul 2013, 14:33
I enjoyed the video as well, great job :) good points you made. CanĀ“t wait for SR1 vid :)

16th Jul 2013, 20:15
I had to remove your video due to a couple uses of profanity. Please review the Terms of Use (http://forums.eidosgames.com/announcement.php?f=72&a=50) on what is allowable here. Thanks.

16th Jul 2013, 22:26
So, I saw your video before the Hylden had to remove it.
I really like were you were going with it, but it contains some innacuracies, especially when you cover the game's story.
Just from the top of my head: no, the guardians aren't vampires, no William the Just wasn't a guardian...

I wish you luck with your youtube channel, but please double check the things you're going to say!

St. Raziel
20th Jul 2013, 09:01
I had to remove your video due to a couple uses of profanity. Please review the Terms of Use (http://forums.eidosgames.com/announcement.php?f=72&a=50) on what is allowable here. Thanks.

Would it still be rule violation if someone would for example put link in spoiler and make statement that video uses profanity and is not suitable for minors. I mean how far does that rule go? Would it be rule violation if someone puts video where Raziel says "Damn you Kain"?

20th Jul 2013, 22:42
You can see the word damn in your post, unfiltered, which should answer that question.

If this were a section for a game that used profanity, like the new Tomb Raider, then certain exceptions could be made if a video was being shown of ingame content with profanity, for instance. And each of those sections with games containing profanity in them can make their judgement on other videos, and content, accordingly.

However, Nosgoth has never used any hard R profanity. Besides damn and an occasional utterance of bastard, the dialogue is anything but profane. As such, it's not appropriate here. Thankfully, we don't have Kain and Raziel dropping f bombs in the games, so we don't consider that allowable in relation to discussing the game, either.

Personally, I hope we never do see a graduation to "adult" language in LoK. Those creating the dialogue have always been better than that.

St. Raziel
21st Jul 2013, 16:50
Thank you for answering that. Didn't even think about auto filter.
Can you please answer the other question considering profanity? I know we can't put someone swearing all the time but would it still be removed if we warned people about moderate use of profane language in video and put link in spoiler?
Even removing not spoilered links seems a bit radical since it's not pornography, which means it doesn't violate rule #1 and it's not use of profanity on the forum so it's not violation of rule #3
Reason I'm asking this is there have been few cases lately where link to a video was removed which killed the thread in a way.

21st Jul 2013, 17:33
It would still be removed. A thread linking to a video containing profanity is profanity on the forum. Unless the ingame content changes to include profanity in the future, which I don't think this new game will, but we'll see (and it will be getting its own forum separate from here, so that still wouldn't be relevant). If all the thread is discussing is a video which has to be removed, then yes, it will essentially "kill" the thread, unless people wish to continue discussing it -- which they can, as long as it remains within the rules -- or something even off the original topic.

Hope that makes it clear. Anything further you wish to discuss regarding this can be done so via private channels.

22nd Jul 2013, 11:35
Personally, I hope we never do see a graduation to "adult" language in LoK. Those creating the dialogue have always been better than that.

I second that. :thumb: