View Full Version : A plea to developers of Android version of DX: The Fall

12th Jul 2013, 05:44
Dear developers of the Android version of Deus Ex: The Fall,
Please integrate support for MOGA controllers.
Touchscreen controls for FPS games are usually bad and it'd be great to have an alternative.

Thanks in advance.

12th Jul 2013, 14:31
There's a controller for mobile games?


16th Jul 2013, 05:18
There's a controller for mobile games?


There are already phones with a controller integrated on them. Behold the mighty Xperia Play!


Please Eidos, support the Xperia Play gamepad on the Android port of The Fall!

16th Jul 2013, 06:16
Yep! Also, there are bluetooth controllers for Android phones and especially Android tablets. In iOS7 Apple are adding official gaming controller interface protocols too.

Once DXTF is out on Android, if it gets controller support it would only be a tiny step from there to release it on Ouya, which would be awesome. I think the Ouya would be powerful enough to run it?

That would be a pretty neat way of expanding platform support to TV consoles, as the Ouya is dirt cheap to buy (compared to a phone or tablet) and pretty easy to port an Android game to.