View Full Version : Crashing & loss of save in BEL

9th Jul 2013, 19:57
So I fished out my old copy of Behind Enemy Lines today to play on my Dell laptop (Windows 7, 64-bit). Upon quickly googling BEL & Windows 7 I found out that everyone has a save/load problem so before playing I followed this fix: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyx_8s4qKwI. The game was running fine with loading and saving going down a treat for a few hours or so, but then it crashed. Upon restarting all my saves have disappeared and settings had been reset to default. I don't care about the crashing but losing saves is a bummer.

I haven't managed to find anyone else with this problem but I might just be googling poorly like a n00b so any help or slapping, then pointing in the right direction of a thread that solves this would be fricken awesome.


10th Jul 2013, 19:17
Oh... didn't realise quicksaving still works. Delete this thread please mods.