View Full Version : Create a trophy/achievement for Director's Cut.

29th Jun 2013, 19:45
Obviously none of these will be used. But hell, try and make a few fun ones up.

"I'll be back."
~Lose the speech argument at the police station and then shoot your way through to the morgue.
(Terminator reference)

"They'll fix you... they fix everything..."
~Save Brent Radford.
(RoboCop reference)

"I heard he could disappear..."
~Silently knockout an enemy in the middle of a room and remain undetected after the body is discovered."
(Batman Begins reference)

"Remember when I promised to kill you last?..."
~Kill or knockout Barrett after killing or knocking out everyone else in the Fema camp.
(Commando reference)

"... I lied."
~Only kill or knockout Barrett without hurting anyone else in the Fema camp.
(Commando reference)

"Silent but dea... whoops."
~Knockout someone and have them either fall to their death or drown in water immediately afterward.

"Seriously... I never asked for this."
~Complete the game without upgrading Jensen's augmentations.

"My way or the highway"
~Knockout someone you just lost a speech argument to.

"Biggest Boss"
~Complete the game on the hardest difficulty with 0 alarms, 0 kills, and using less than 25 saves.
(Reference to Metal Gear Solid with a similar medal that can be unlocked)

"Adam Tensen"
~Have over 50 energy units worth of food in your inventory at any given time.
(A reference to JC Tenton meme from original Deus Ex)

"Why contain it? It's cool."
~After triggering the bomb, don't even try saving the employees at the Sarif Plant.
(Deus Ex: The Recut reference)

13th Jul 2013, 19:20
*Comes back two weeks later...*