View Full Version : (PC) Game freezes when i use 360 controller

22nd Jun 2013, 22:08
So i have this really strange problem - whenever i press any button or move analog stick on 360 controller my game just locks up and i can't do anything besides pressing ctrl+alt+del. What i have tried to do so far: disabled controller vibration, reinstalled drivers for it, plugged it in another USB port, switched to dx9, nothing really helps, other games work fine with the controller.
Oh and i forgot to add that controller works fine in main menu but if i start the game from there i just get black screen after loading. If i use the mouse to start the game, everything is fine until i press any button on the controller, after that game freezes and looks like this: http://img404.imageshack.us/img404/2766/k99m.jpg

23rd Jun 2013, 21:15
Huh, that's pretty odd, lol.

I probably won't be too much of a help with this issue, but you should probably show your system specifications.
The only thing I can personally recommend for you to try is uninstalling and then installing the newest version of both your chipset driver and your video driver.

Sorry I can't be of more help :/ .

Oh, also, are you getting the controller's drivers from the CD provided with it or the drivers from Microsoft's website?