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9th Jun 2013, 21:30
Hey there Hitman Devs! Long time fan of the series since day one... Okay, since day two. I didn't start playing Hitman until Silent Assassin came out, still my favorite in the series, though I haven't played all the way through Absolution yet. It is coming pretty close to topping Silent Assassin on my list. Love the plentiful amount of new features and the length of the game and depth of the storyline surprised me when I bought it. Great work on the game in it's entirety by the way!

I was just sitting here watching the movie on our local news station and had an idea that I thought someone might like. In particular, I had the idea while watching the part where 47 was in the subway station lobby. I thought it might be pretty cool to have a level similar to that type of environment, being followed by "fuzz" or agency personnel. Maybe even make it like 47 is having a dream, have a sudden flash where everyone suddenly has a bald head and maybe is looking at 47 as he walks to his destination, where his target is the only person that doesn't look like agency personnel. And it could go one of both ways, either 47 kills the target or even the target could kill him and he wakes up. OR he could just catch a glimpse of the target turning around to look at him and he then wakes up. Seemed like a pretty good idea in my head at the time. It could even be an ongoing/ repetitive level that he gets further into each time (and even have the option to skip in-game?). I'd love to know your thoughts on this if you guys browse the forums anymore. I didn't see many recent posts here in general discussion, but did see someone else with a mission proposal.

On another note, I've been on a comic book frenzy with all the superhero movies and amazing animated TV series coming out as of late. Have you guys ever thought of creating a storyline arc on the Hitman series? The fans of Hitman do seem a bit obscure, like that of most comic book fans. I for one would definitely buy them as soon as they hit store shelves. I loved the book too by the way, Hitman: Enemy Within. I keep telling people how amazing of a read it was, but either no one believes me or they don't want to spend the time reading it. OR they just don't know what books are. Always stuck on their Facebooks and their Twitter feeds... LAME!

I'd also like to see more Agency involvement. Blue Ties, Red Ties, Contractors and the sort Why did you kill Diana??? ...WHY?! LoL. That's my only complaint on the new game. Had to throw it in there.

Did I mention I was an avid fan?

Thanks for reading this! I tend to write novels on most forums.
Have a great summer Eidos staff!