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Sub Effect
8th Jun 2013, 12:12
Here are some pics.


It has a second Limb logo on the front left side by the waist just over my left pocket.

I'd like to do another one with the Hive hexagons all over it but I can't find a good clean image.

And of the one I've done - I'd love to find some images of the hand, eye and foot that correspond to the arm.

Oh, and before you freak out; I asked Stephane D'Astous and he said:
Have fun … and send me the image(s) that you have chosen … i’m curious!"

and I've shared the photos with him already.

I think they are crazy to have missed how cool these images look on black t-shirts. The one I've taken a photo of is the second one I've made. I made the first one when DXHR came out and its worn now. It looks really good on and people like it, both those that know what it is and those that don't. It doesn't say Deus Ex on it anywhere and last weekend someone random just came up and asked "Excuse me, is that a Deus Ex shirt?" Me: "Yes" Them:"Cool".

8th Jun 2013, 12:17
Looks cool! The one thing I'm not sure is how the limb element has been cut from the source picture. I would prefer it if it was looking like it wasn't attached to a body outside of the picture.

Sub Effect
8th Jun 2013, 12:24
That's just the way I found it on the net. I know what you mean and I wanted it to be bigger so the right edge of it was right on the edge of the chest but its the limitation of the printing.

8th Jun 2013, 23:30
Hey, awesome design, Sub Effect. :cool:

9th Jun 2013, 02:25
That looks great! It reminds me of making t-shirts in my graphics class. It's awesome that you got permission to use official Deus Ex material. :)

18th Jun 2013, 05:15
Got anything with my avatar on it?

29th Jun 2013, 19:48
Cool.. you should've add a bionic/augment arm on the other side of the shirt.. what do ya think?