View Full Version : Square-Enix Presents impressions

13th Jun 2014, 00:42
I thought that Square-Enix Presents did a very dandy job on coverage for Square-Enix games also I enjoyed the Distant Worlds performance. However it was very upsetting to see no new news about Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III. I like this one female announcer the best I just never got her name.

If someone could tell me her name that would be swell. Anyway I thought that the way it ended was okay. It wasn't like last year where at the grand finale everyone at the square-enix booth got together to say goodbye and had a cake with them too. Kind of reminds me of the time when Reggie brought cake for Nintendo when they still did press conferences. Another A+ thing was when they displayed there upcoming play-arts figures, after checking Bahamut is ridiculously expensive.

I got really distracted when this guy was talking not sure. Anyway I look forward to see Square doing more of these kinds of coverage on their games. there is on later this summer at Comic-con. There was also a contest and I believe they gave away a Squall Leonheart figuring. Anyway did anyone else enjoy SQEP this year?

13th Jun 2014, 01:01
Firstly, I was disappointed by said contest - cuz my entries won nothing :P but aside from that minor hiccup,
I enjoyed the KH 2.5 stuff and the Curtain Call stuff,skipped most else, Was happy to hear about FF Type-0 - and G-bike (even if I don't have a phone to play it)
But I must say over-all, I am most disappointed that there was no mention of a FF XII HD remake. Even with entering that contest - this was the only thing I was truly looking forward to - the possibility of it being announced...
So.. I am saddened, and Son.I.am.disappoint :(