View Full Version : legostarwars.exe error PLEASE HELP ASAP!

30th May 2013, 19:12
I have a windows XP computer and we used to be able to play Lego Star Wars all the time, but recently we had to reinstall it and now every time we go to play it we get the legostarwars.exe error message that says Lego Star wars has encountered a problem and needs to close. I looked up a solution that said to delete the SWlego.bin file, but there isn't even one there for me to delete so obviously that won't work. Are there any other solutions to this problem?:mad2:

1st Jun 2013, 23:06
nevermind, I figured out the solution to the problem

2nd Jun 2013, 08:51
Could you post the solution so that it may help people who encounter the same problem?