View Full Version : Freezing Account Time

12th Jun 2014, 02:15
So as a military individual, I deploy frequently for short periods of time that makes playing a pay-to-play game very difficult, that's why I've steered away from it until now. Been waiting a long time for a newer FF game like FFXIV:ARR to get into. Unfortunately now that its here and is amazing but difficult for me to be spending all this money on a gamble that I'll be around long enough to play for more then a week and lose all the time I paid for. I know currently there is no option to freeze your game time or suspend it. All I'm asking is that you take into consideration people like me who are going to be losing hard on the deal:worship:. I do not want to stop playing I'm already addicted haha but I can't see myself continuing to pay the monthly amount for only a week or two. Anyone who might be in the same boat please roger up and maybe we can change a few things here. Thanks again for a wonderful game!