View Full Version : Vagrant story Reboot

11th Jun 2014, 11:44
So no one is saying something about it so i thought to let me try to give this a first step. I want vagrant story reboot on PS4 so who is in?

We need to let us hear to square enix! They have some great games from the old days if they would give it a shot for a reboot they would be more successful. Why not give us the games like Final fantasy 7 reboot (would be a great succes if they manage to give it a great reboot) and so on..

Vagrant Story needs a reboot. It was one of the best games in Square enix (squaresoft) history. Why do we not see games of that style that great story from square enix anymore? We need those games. So lets begin by giving this topic more views more reactions to wake up square enix!