View Full Version : Late to the party, but glad I came, & what a party!

1st May 2013, 15:33
Hi guys,

I like many of you guys bought the game when it was launch in late 2011. After battling over the controls & dying like countless times, I get frustrated & put the game away. The only reason I have not sold the game was that it was a foreign copy of the game. (I have an English version, while I live in Germany)

but I keep hearing positive feedback on this games, like its one of the best games of the gen & so on. So I decided to dust the game & play it a month or so ago. Manage it better when I do not try to kill/take down everyone. manage to get to Detroit, but got tired of hacking every doors/terminals in Sarif office. So I put the game away again to play some other games.

Finally after commenting how I am not sold on this game on another discussion (on another forum), I was told that the game will get better after I do to the police station in Detroit. So I pushed on, & from there, there is no turning back. Finally completed the game 2 days ago. Oh, what an ending (or endings)

This game is so damn addictive, that I will even stay home on weekends to play it!

The level design, the upgrading systems, game play (minus the boss battles) are amazing (graphics & especially side characters, not so much). This is the type of game dream of. So much option, so much choice in gameplay. Every new Augmentation bring out more possibilities. I would go as far as saying this is one of the best game I even played!

The game is also seriously beefy. I think I spend at least 35 hours in this game. I have stealth non lethal play though (for most parts), hack every terminals, do every side quest, & try to reach most places,(even when I have found a way).

So I want to thanks the developers on such a wonderful game. Only major complain I have is the long loading time on Xbox360 (even with hardidisk install)

1st May 2013, 15:47
Pretty much completed it in one sitting the first time around. Then started to explore. It really is a good game.

1st May 2013, 17:02
I would have said once you get passed the tutorial the game gets good. Failing that, I would have said once you hit the streets of Detroit, the game gets good. Failing that, I would have said this game is not for you.

Seriously, for me, Human Revolution is amazing from the first mission--after tutorial, which is linear and awful in every way.

4th May 2013, 00:02

When the game was released I was waiting at my pc...
Then I waited at my pc for an hour for the final bytes...
45 hours later I "finished" the game, having put in 33 hours
of actual playtime...
(biggest session 18 hours... addicted?)

After that I went on a re-run but managed to keep playtime
down to just 4 hours a day...
Glad I took that week off of work... :)

But indeed, up till where you get released into the streets
it felt a bit like a normal shooter, need to turn off the brain
and just plough through that part...

9th May 2013, 15:18
Amazing thing is I keep the game on shelf for over a year & half, & only pick it up, as I hate to not play a game I bought (full retail price) for. Not especially when it was so highly rated.

But serious, can Eidos give some info of the next game, & please, no more color theme. The yellowness is overkill.