View Full Version : Very, Very Disappointed...

30th Apr 2013, 15:53
I have finally gotten around to playing Mini Ninjas (on PC, which is the only platform I game on) and, to be honest, I was enjoying it in spite of the fact that the boss battles were quick time events. That sort of removed all the enjoyment from those parts of the game.

Now, I do not like quick time events at all, and if I had known that Mini Ninjas has them, then I would not have bought the game. And that would have been the correct decision on my part.

I got past the first three bosses without terrible problems but the Timid Swimmer boss is simply impossible. Evidently others can do it, but I can't. I have tried, well, I would be embarrassed to say how many times. And I have decided to simply give up.

People actually tolerate this kind of unimaginative gameplay on other platforms? They've got very low standards if they do...

But I am hoping that maybe someone can tell me how to skip this boss, or give me a save file so that I can resume the game at a point after this extremely frustrating battle. I have not been able to find codes for this game anywhere. But if no one can help me, then I will simply uninstall the game, get rid of my GlovePIE script (so I can re-assign the space bar to something that's, you know, ergonomically correct and usable for me, and simply watch a walkthrough on YouTube, to see how the game ends.

Games are, in my opinion, supposed to be fun, and this is not.

1st Jul 2013, 01:27
No one pay attention to this person. This game is sooo fun. I hope they make a second one! It's fun to kick butt. I love how the levels get progressively tougher. I love the "MINI-MINI-MINI NINJAS" cry of the main character. I love being able to fish. I love looking for hidden treasures like the flowers hidden in each board. I love the colorful backgrounds and scenes. I love the different environments from the snowy mountain to the evil castle. I love being able to use different characters and collect an arsenal of tools to kill the enemy. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER MINI NINJAS.

27th Jul 2017, 00:23
This game would be good for kids except it is so frustrating that they get mad and won't play any more. I think it is too bad the designers thought that kids might like a big fat lumbering fool to beat up a tiny mini-ninja kid. Guess what, selling this CD on ebay.