View Full Version : Problem with the game... but not a bug

24th Apr 2013, 14:30
Hi guys :)
Yesterday I've decided myself to buy this game, because people were saying it is amazing :)

I have a problem with it tho... when I inserted the code I found in the game box on Steam to activate it, Steam told me that code has already been used by someone else... this isn't very nice D:

Do you know what can I do?
Thanks in advance! :D

24th Apr 2013, 14:35
I've had this happen to me, not on Steam but other digital download software purchased in a brick and mortar store. What I would do is go to Steam customer service and show them a scan of your receipt and proof of purchase. If they give you trouble, though, then go to the store where you bought the game and ask for an exchange. Get a new box and a new code. That's actually what I ended up doing in my case because the customer service I was dealing with were giving me the runaround.

24th Apr 2013, 20:25
I suggest trying to return/exchange your copy at the store first. Steam customer service is slow and not always helpful.
When buying a Steam-only game in the future, you may want to consider getting it on a Steam sale since it's cheaper and the game disc is useless without Steam anyway.

24th Apr 2013, 22:06
Thanks for the answers! :D