View Full Version : Hey all you Deus Ex fans..what's this Defiance?

17th Apr 2013, 21:18
I have been away for a bit. Lately only on the Hitman Forums and the Splinter cell ones.

I wanted to ask if it was true that "Defiance" is going to be a real game and weather or not you guys knew if the director's cut is going to be released for us non-wii people.

I LOVED Deus Ex because I am legally blind since birth with the disease Retinopathy of Prematurity and it struck a personal cord with me- being augmented against your will. But it also made me ask myself "Would I do it?" Would I do it if it would improve my eyes- even though i'd be considered "less human". Loved Deus Ex: Human Revolution and I would love another game (it fits the Deus Ex timeline.) I know I'm not a developer but I am a cartoonist/graphic designer and I have always loved the art style of the game as well and have only wanted more people to appreciate the game. THEN I hear that the director's cut is Wii only. My only problem is with my eyesight I can't stand far enough from the TV to enjoy something like that. (Which is why i don't own a Wii U, sure it's probably a great console but I phuysically can't use it.)

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi to all you awesome fans and moderators again, college is busy right now, and I also hurt my back. SO I had time to sit here and message you all. I really like what I am seeing from the Director's Cut, a bit saddened we won't get to enjoy an enhancement of an already awesome game, but ah well. Is this defiance thing an april fools joke? I was too busy that week to find out the answer.

17th Apr 2013, 21:50
Hopefully this should answer your question! This video was released the 1st of April.


17th Apr 2013, 22:28
hahaha thank you for clearing that up for me.