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17th Apr 2013, 20:07
Hello everyone,

before I start, beware of a probable incoming wall of text. Thanks to everyone who is reading anyway :)

Just a brief introduction: I observed the DX forum since I stumbled upon the 5-minutish extended CGI Trailer way before release of DX back in 2011. I did not play the first one or invisble war but I was really hyped for HR and my expectations where really fulfilled.

There are some things which I could nitpick about but I am sure anyone knows them by now, so I'll not cover them again here. But none of them where really a dealbreaker for me, just some minor dislikes on my side but nothing which kept me from the game.

Sorry I am really talking too much about the stuff I am excited about, after all gaming is my passion. So let's get started^^

My question would be if it has been said by EM at some time already, if the Director's Cut on Wii U will run at 1080p and 60fps.

Actually I am worried it will not be like that, but any comment from EM or you guys would be appreciated. Because it is supposed to be the "best" looking version to date. If it will run on like 720p @ 30fps it would really be a bummer for me, i am really sensitive on the performance side of games and how they run. I only play PC atm for your information, but I planned on getting a Wii U later this year anyway for Wind Waker HD and Pikmin 3.

So I considered to get the Director's Cut on Wii U, but only if it would run on the said resolution and framerate...

But then again I say to myself:
"Don't be stupid, they will announce the Director's Cut for all other platforms sometime after the Wii U release and you are gonna get screwed buying the game for fullprice again while others might get it price-reduced maybe!"

At least it is my bet, that it will come on other platforms later on, for maybe a reduced price. They are just not announcing it yet, because the Wii U version must collect all the money from the full-price-release first. And anyone who would know that it comes for the other platforms for cheap, would of course not buy the Wii U version.

As a last point I really found playing DX with an (Xbox 360) controller really clunky and just more complicated than with mouse and keyboard (after playing through the game like 3-4 times on PC only using mouse and keyboard)

I would like to hear your thoughts on that, if someone maybe has the same feelings about all this :(

If the new thread is not fitting I beg the moderators to move it somewhere else, but I really felt it needs a topic on it's own.

Thanks all for reading my little rant/concern letter

Cheers iLLe

19th Apr 2013, 13:41
The WiiU is not much more powerful than the Xbox 360. My guess is that it will run at 720p and 30 fps average, with drops. They used whatever extra horsepower is available to improve shaders and lighting effects here and there, but my guess is that the WiiU's deficiencies also led to sacrifices like lower resolution textures.