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9th Apr 2013, 08:31
Has everyone been reading Avalanche interviews? While they don't come right out and say it I am left with the impression of a JC3 for the new systems. Anyone else getting the feeling?

10th Apr 2013, 15:07
How about links to those articles, Chip? :)

11th Apr 2013, 07:18
I'd say the teaser pics pretty much looked like Just Cause. And even then, I like that they said they're working on more than one open world game

12th Apr 2013, 09:56
How about links to those articles, Chip? :)

Sure nuff


In light of the so-called “Super Hero Open World” games like inFamous and Prototype, Just Cause 2 still managed to make a strong impression. Is a sequel in the franchise currently in development?

Christofer Sundberg: I really can’t comment on any project we have in development, but as you know Avalanche Studios created the Just Cause IP and it is in many ways the heart and soul of this company. The game has inspired countless other games, including the games we currently have in development.

Even if there isn’t currently a Just Cause 3, what do you think could be improved upon from the second game? Are there any features or new gameplay additions you think would further add to the experience?

Christofer Sundberg: I’d love to see more depth in character development of Rico, the grappling hook and the parachute. I would also use the powers of the next-gen consoles to create a living and breathing world… for players to destroy.



15th Apr 2013, 09:35
I chuckled at the last line. I like the way mr Sundberg thinks.

1st May 2013, 13:57
Yeah I really wish they would make an announcement about this then start with the whole teaser, then screens, then trailer, then info cycle. JC2, even with a few notable flaws, is an unbelievably great game and I really would love to see what Avalanche can do with a sequel. I mean, it is only three years last month, but it would be nice to get some info about the game if it is in the works.

20th May 2013, 10:36
Waaah, the teaser pics were not JC3, but that steampunk game! It looked so much like Rico doing his things though... Now I'm more curious about that game, and kinda mad that it got put on ice.
Oh well, still excited about their projects as long as they are good open worlds

12th Jul 2013, 17:03
You know, I wouldn't mind so much not having trailers, teasers, game info, and screenshots, but it really sucks not even having an announcement confirming or denying that a JC3.

I think that a JC3 would be one helluva game to anticipate!

28th Aug 2013, 06:28
Just Cause are the best open world madness games! I'd love a JC3! Common if we all wish really hard maybe there will be one! But I'm hoping for a really really good PC version since PC versions have been a little left behind these later yrs. They always turn out better though because of modding ;) A nice modable JC3 wouldn't be much to ask would it? DLC still sells and the game just becomes even more popular with mods. Think about it. Look at the TES games and NWN and HL. Still popular because of mods. People still play HL1 mods and Oblivion still has a living community because of mods. It's just better. Make it available. Tool Kits and Dev Kits! Unreal Editors!

But the Avalanche are busy now making a Mad Max game right? I'm thinking it'll be genius. Because JC games were and Mad Max is awesome.

*Hugs and wishes* (Hard wishes) <--- Funny! Hard... Tihi. Hard. I'm tired, really really tired. Time for bedsies.