View Full Version : Blue triangle mission cursor thing missing (PC/Steam version)

8th Apr 2013, 00:24
Hi guys - apologies for any "newbie" mistakes I make while posting I am brand new to this forum.. I am playing the PC version of Deus Ex ... apparently even when you purchase it on CD you still activate it via Steam which left me scratching my head in puzzlement but - no biggie , I'm playing it on Steam if that makes a difference..

I was wondering if anyone else had issues with the blue cursor triangle thing that directs you to side-quests/missions vanishing on them ? The yellow cursor triangle appears faithfully every time but the blue triangle vanishes on me completely at times.. not sure if it's a bug of some sort maybe?

Thanks in advance to anyone who posts a reply ! :)

8th Apr 2013, 00:32
Sorry should have posted this in my above post... I've tried setting the side quest as my "active" quest hoping that if the blue cursor is going to vanish on me then the yellow cursor will at least get me somewhere.. but no luck with that , the yellow cursor just leads me to the "main" quest necessary to advance the game - and I'd kind of like to finish off the side quests first if possible :) .... the " Something Rotten" side quest is the one I'm on right now , in particular the part where you have to go to Diamond Chan's apartment right after rescuing the one girl (I forget her name :P ) ... I know I can check utube videos that show me step by step how to get to my mission goal if necessary :P but I'd really like to just make use of that blue cursor if possible :) ..

15th Apr 2013, 16:25
Are you certain you are setting it to 'active' and not 'inactive', I did that a few times when I first started playing and couldn't figure out why the blue cursor kept disappearing. Try clicking it and see what happens, ifnothing happens go back and try it again. If nothing still happens you may have some other problem.